15:32 - May 01, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Rasmus Paludan, leader of a far-right Danish political party called Hard Line (Stram Kurs), claims he has burned another copy of the Holy Quran on Saturday in Sweden.


According to reports, he announced the claim in a post on his social media account.

He added that Muslims’ holy book was burned in front of Raslatt Mosque in Jönkoping.

The Swedish police had earlier said it will not allow any anti-Muslim rally led by Paludan. The police reportedly rejected his application for the rally on May 1.

The continuous acts of blasphemy by the far-right politician has been strongly and widely condemned by Muslims from across the world.

Different Swedish cities have witnessed widespread protests against the anti-Muslim and Islamophobic measures and also the government’s failure to address the issue.

In one of the later rallies during the Easter holiday, a group of people in Malmo held a rally to slam Paludan’s provocations.

The Swedish government had allowed initial Islamophobic rallies under the pretext of free speech. However, experts believe that insulting the sanctities of some two billion people across the world cannot be justified with that.

“His tired defence for these Islamophobic stunts and remarks rests on claims to freedom of speech. This is a deliberately misleading claim because freedom of speech everywhere is legally restrained by a need to preserve order so that one cannot use free speech to incite violence and disorder. More importantly, the essence of freedom of speech is to speak truth to power – not the right to insult and punch down on vulnerable minorities that have been demonised and targeted for decades by counterterrorism and immigration rhetoric, policies, and practices across Europe and the wider western world,” Fahid Qurashi, a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Salford, Manchester, told IQNA.



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