9-Year-Old Boy Becoming Famous as ‘Little Abdul Basit’ (+Video)

14:52 - May 21, 2022
News ID: 3478991
TEHRAN (IQNA) – The recitation talent of a nine-year-old Egyptian boy has made him famous as “little Abdul Basit” among his fans.


According to ElWatanNews, Omar Ali was interested in the Holy Quran from a very young age.

His parents say that nothing could calm him during infancy better than the voice of Quran recitation.

His mother used to read the Holy Quran during pregnancy.

“When he was seven, we spotted his interest in the Quran memorization and recitation,” said Omar’s father.

“We wanted to send him to a private school but he insisted on going to Al-Azhar and when we asked for the reason, he said he wanted to memorize the Holy Quran.”

With the help of his mother, Omar managed to memorize 16 Juzes in about a year and committed the entire Quran to memory before the age of nine.

Living in Giza Governorate, the young talent says he wishes to become an Al-Azhar scholar as well as a surgeon.


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