Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil to Attend Sao Paulo Book Biennial

12:45 - June 11, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil (Fambras) will represent Islamic culture at the 26th edition of the Sao Paulo International Book Biennial.

Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil (Fambras)


The book fair to take place in Sao Paulo from July 2 to 10, at Expo Center Norte. An exhibition on great Muslim inventors and how their creations brought benefits to humanity will be one of the highlights of the stand, which will also feature the presence of the character Khalil and his stories aimed at children and teenagers, with eight volumes of the comic book created with the mission of fighting Islamophobia.

Fambras reported Khalil is the first Brazilian comic book about Islam. The character is a Brazilian Muslim pre-teen who has many adventures with his friends and talks about his culture and religion. With each volume, the comic addresses a current topic and invites a reflection on themes such as religious intolerance, the importance of solidarity, the impact of urban waste, accessibility, and food waste.

“The highly relevant content encourages meaningful discussions in family and school environments. It also helps us fight stereotypes, prejudice, and misinformation about the Islamic religion and Muslims among children and pre-teens,” said in a note the vice president of Fambras, Ali Zoghbi. Khalil paid a visit to the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) this Thursday (9) to deliver the invitation to the Biennial.

The Muslim inventors on display were great women and men who contributed to astronomy, aviation, engineering, medicine, navigation, philosophy, architecture, and mathematics, among other sciences.

“It will be possible, for example, to meet Mariam Al-Ljliya, one of the most important women in Islam and the Arab world. She created the astrolabe, a device widely used in navigation and astronomy that served as the basis for the GPS that helps us so much today,” said Zoghbi.

Another standout among the inventors is Ibn Firnas, the first man to try to fly in the 9th century. He created a glider that mimicked the wings of birds.

“From his studies, the airplane was created, an essential means of transportation for humanity,” said Zoghbi.

In addition to Muslim inventors and the Khalil comic book, visitors will be able to ask questions about Islam and take home informative materials.

“It is an opportunity to show what our religion preaches, such as peace and charity,” added the vice president.

“Through information, we intend to demystify the Islamic religion and fight prejudice and stereotypes. Events like the Biennial collaborate significantly to our mission,” he concluded.