Intl. Conf. on Islam & Cyberspace to Be Held in 2023

15:16 - June 17, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The first International Conference on Islam and Cyberspace will be staged in the first half of 2023 in Iran’s Qom.


Organized by the Office of Islamic Studies on Cyberspace (OISC), the international event has announced the call for papers.

Papers should be in English or Arabic and will be indexed in related databases.

The conference aims to create a space for presenting the latest Islamic research in the field of cyberspace, and provide the ground for producing knowledge, theorizing and exchanging ideas of researchers across the Islamic world, said Mahmoud Rafian, head of international relations of the conference.

The main topics of the scientific event include jurisprudence, philosophy, politics, Islamic sovereignty in cyberspace, and ethics.

FinTech, crypto assets, blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, artificial intelligence, security, big data, cyber privacy, cyber warfare, social networks and messengers, property ownership in cyberspace, methodology of Islamic studies of cyberspace, epistemology and cyberspace, identity, personality and the age of cyberspace, interactions of philosophy and cyberspace, Islamic future studies on cyberspace, theology and technology, theology and artificial intelligence, Islamic sovereignty in cyberspace, unity of Muslim societies in cyberspace, opportunities and threats of cyberspace for Muslim societies, Islamic apps, independence and national sovereignty and cyberspace, ethical codes of cyberspace, bioethics in cyberspace, ethical presence in social networks, the moral harms of cyberspace and the ways for overcoming, ethical issues of family in the age of cyberspace, the digital generation gap, addiction to social networks ethically, and the ethical challenges of internet of things are the sub-topics of the event, according to its website.

Those interested can submit their papers through the conference’s website:

Intl. Conf. on Islam & Cyberspace to Be Held in 2023


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