Ali Asghar World Assembly’s Int’l Meeting Slated for Thursday

16:47 - June 21, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Ali Asghar (AS) World Assembly will hold its international meeting at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in Mashhad, northeast Iran.

Davoud Manafipour


Davoud Manafipour, the secretary of the assembly, said it will be organized on Thursday, June 23, both in-person and virtually.

He said some 800 of the assembly’s officials and representatives from Iran and 45 other countries will take part in the gathering.

He added that senior clerics Hojat-ol-Islam Ahmad Khatami, Hojat-ol-Islam Masoud Aali and Hojat-ol-Islam Hosseini Qomi will be the guest speakers.

It will be broadcast live on IRIB’s Ofogh TV and also here.

The assembly annually organizes gatherings of Husseini infants in the lunar Hijri month of Muharram in cities across Iran as well as many other countries across the world.

The processions are observed in commemoration of Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS), the youngest child of Imam Hussein (AS) who was pitilessly killed on the day of Ashura in Karbala by the army of Yazid 14 centuries ago.




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