Al-Salaam Most Beautiful Name of Allah: Scholar

8:40 - June 22, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Holy Quran offers numerous names for Allah and one of the most beautiful among them is Al-Salaam (also written as Al-Salam, As-Salam) which refers to peace.


Speaking in a local event this week, Senior Shia scholar Ayatollah Seyed Mostafa Mohaqeq Damad pointed to the importance of peace in pursuing the aims of Islam. Here is a summary of his remarks:

A deep study in Abrahamic religions will reveal that the main purpose of all divine religions has been establishment of peace and friendship among people. One of the main missions of prophets, after promoting monotheism, has been building peace and amity. One can also say that Tawhid (monotheism) and peace are related to each other.

Close Relation of Peace, Tawhid

History shows that first wars between people erupted because of polytheism. When a group believes in a god and denies that of others, wars broke out. If we set the humankind’s peace as our goal, we should try to realize the concept of Tawhid.  This has been the main mission of prophets but unfortunately we see that influenced by misconceptions and unreal interpretations, the man has moved toward polytheism and started wars with others in the name of religion. We see in our own time the eruption of war and bloodshed in the Middle East. These are the result of misconceptions and having a wrong understanding of religion.  

Accordingly, as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have aimed at realizing monotheism, it was unexpected for them to engage in wars but unfortunately, many battles broke out due to lack of proper understanding of religions. The fear that some people feel regarding religions today is because of religious misconceptions.

Al-Salaam; most beautiful name of God

This word means peace and all other virtues can be organized under this concept. Salaam means peace, friendship, and calm. We are proud that the religion of Ibraheem is the religion of Salaam and the Quran names him a Muslim. The duty of every thinker that lives in today’s society is to promote and realize peace.

According to the Holy Quran, peace comes from God Almighty and enmity from Satan. The source of enmity is Satan and the source of peace is God. We all have a weighty responsibility and should guide our society toward peace, friendship, and reconciliation. One of the names of Allah is Al-Wadud which means that God has created love in the heart of mankind. Those who lack kindness in their heart are deprived of the light of Al-Wadud.



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