Three Arrested in Egypt over Mosque Desecration

13:51 - June 22, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Three people have been arrested in Egypt over singing and dancing in a mosque in Al-Marg district.


Earlier this Month, the Monitoring and Analysis Unit affiliated with the Attorney General’s Office monitored the circulation of a short video on social media showing a man inside a mosque singing using its microphone and performing dance moves.

In conjunction with the circulation video, the Public Prosecution received a report regarding the findings of the police investigations, which included the identification of three defendants in the incident, where one of them filmed the second singing and dancing inside the mosque, and the third broadcast the video on social media, intending to provoke the ire of citizens.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of the three accused men.

And by questioning the three defendants, one of them confirmed that he was the one who appeared in the video. He confirmed that he had asked another one to film him while he was singing on the microphone in the mosque and performing dance moves, and that his intention was only to have fun, claiming that one of the other two defendants had obtained this video surreptitiously from his phone without his knowledge, and then broadcast it on a social media.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution ordered the pretrial detention of the accused, pending investigations.


Source: Egypt Today

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