Al-Azhar Calls for Measures against Islamophobia in World

10:27 - June 16, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Egypt’s Al-Azhar Islamic Center urged the United Nations to adopt measures to counter Islamophobia and anti-Muslim moves in the world.

Violence against Muslims in India


Referring to recent violence against Muslims and insulting the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in India, the center described such moves as brutal and un-ethical, saying they violate human rights charters, Cairo24 website reported.

It said what has been happening in India is mocking all laws that consider insults to religious sanctities as a crime.

Al-Azhar warned that continuation of such inhumane measures against Muslims in India would escalate tensions and foment hatred and discrimination, which could lead to the deaths of innocent people.

The center called on the international community and the UN to take measures to prevent a recurrence of actions that provoke Indian Muslims’ sentiments.

It also called for investigations into demolition of Muslim homes and torture of Muslims in India and guarantees for an end to anti-Muslim measures in the South Asian country.

Earlier this week, Amnesty International urged the Indian government to put an immediate end to a “selective and vicious” crackdown on Muslims who have protested BJP officials’ insulting remarks about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).   

Two demonstrators were killed and hundreds of others arrested last week in nationwide protests over the comments, which embroiled India in a diplomatic furore and caused widespread outrage in the Islamic world.

Footage of bulldozers demolishing homes of those arrested or identified as protesters has since been spread on social media.

Authorities were "selectively and viciously cracking down on Muslims who dare to speak up... against the discrimination faced by them," Amnesty's Aakar Patel said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Cracking down on protesters with excessive use of force, arbitrary detention and punitive house demolitions... is in complete violation of India's commitments under international human rights law."

More than 300 people have been arrested in the northern Uttar Pradesh state for joining last week’s rallies.





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