Quran Recitation Should Draw Attention to Alam al-Ghayb

16:47 - July 17, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Quran should be recited with a beautiful voice, not a voice that merely has outward beauties and follows signing technics but one that draws people’s attention to the Alam al-Ghayb (unseen world).

Quran recitation


In order for Quran recitation to be effective, great religious figures have pointed to different strategies. It should be noted that reading the Quran in itself is good as it paves the way for growth. “Therefore, recite from the Quran as much as is easy (for you)…” (Surah Al-Muzzammil, verse 20)

One should get acquainted with the concepts of the Quran and receive the Quranic teachings with his heart and then try to act upon those teachings.

Imam Ali (AS) says learn the Book of God as it is the best word and the most eloquent preaching and try to become Faqih (learned) in it since the Quran is the spring of hearts and it revives hearts as spring revives the nature.  

The Quran says there is Shifa (healing) in the Holy Book and reciting the Quran beautifully is also important. The recitation by itself is not an end but it is a means for inspiring people’s souls to move toward growing spiritually.

It has been said that the Quran is the best word and should be recited with the best voice. The best voice is one that draws our attention to the Alam al-Ghayb.

The enthusiasm sometimes seen in Quran recitation programs should lead to an internal spirituality and a kind of Huzn (sadness). It has been said in Hadiths that Quran should be recited with Huzn, as it leads one to reflection and contemplation.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said the Quran has been revealed with Huzn. It means the Quran has been revealed to bring change so that we reflect on ourselves and the status God has given us.