African Student Attend Workshop at Imam Reza Shrine

13:29 - August 11, 2022
News ID: 3480049
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Imam Reza shrine held the ninth round of workshops for its ambassadors with university students from Madagascar in attendance.


“French-speaking lecturers will run the current round of workshops underway August 7-11 and participants will be awarded certificates of completion at the end”, said Deputy of International Affairs in Scientific and Cultural Organization, noting that 35 Madagascan students and activists also took part in the event.

According to Seyyed Mohammad Zolfaghari, various types of programs featured this round of workshops such as training courses, tour of shrine, participation in Muharram mourning rituals, getting familiar with Imam Hussein’s life and conduct, etc.

He cited the goal of the latest round of workshops as getting to know Imam Reza’s life and conduct, scientific and cultural activities and capacities of the shrine, establishing efficient relations with cultural centers and activists, and getting them to expand international audience network.

“One of our international goals is specialized framing of the audience and enabling them on a par with the Islamic Revolution values in a number of prioritized fields proportionate to the missions in Imam Reza shrine”, clarified Zolfaghari.

He added that the recent workshops, therefore, were aimed at familiarizing the participants with the achievements of the Islamic Revolution, capacities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the shrine. “We hope that these young students and cultural activists can make a change in Africa in the future”.