Movahed Amin’s Recitation of Verses from Surah As-Saffat

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iranian talented qari Hadi Movahed Amin has recently recited verse 102 to 107 of Surah as-Saffat while attending a Muharram mourning ceremony.

Here is the translation of the verse:

And when he reached the age of traveling with him, he said: 'My son, while I was sleeping I saw that I shall slaughter (sacrifice) you, tell me what is your opinion. ' He replied: 'Father, do as you are ordered (by Allah). Allah willing, you shall find me one of those who are steadfast. ' (102)

And when they had both submitted, and his son had laid down prostrate upon his forehead, (103)

We called to him, saying: 'O Abraham, (104)

you have confirmed your vision. ' As such We recompense the gooddoers. (105)

That was indeed a clear trial. (106)