Tenets of Islamic Beliefs; Prophethood/2

Justice; People’s Natural Demand

12:05 - November 20, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Man, according to his Fitrat (nature), supports fair laws. Mankind seeks a government that is not formed based on the wishes of a certain group. Man wants a leader who has no selfishness and seeks no advantages from his position and lives a simple life.

Justice; People’s Natural Demand


Sincerity, simplicity, truthfulness and seeking justice are among the natural demands of every human being and mankind wants a government that materializes them. According to historical evidence, the clear example of such a government is seen only in the just and fair systems established by messengers of God and those close to them ideologically.

Fulfilling these demands is not possible except on the path of the divine prophets. The proof of this is the criminal ruling systems and leaders who have exploited and oppressed people throughout centuries, the failure of so many politicians and law specialists to resolve the problems of the deprived, and the continuation of superstitions like racism and idolatry.

The following examples would be helpful in order to further clarify people’s need to prophets’ guidance:

1- Imagine a host who has invited a number of people to his house. The guests do not know its address and on the path there are many detours and diversions as well as thieves, wild animals and other dangers.  The host, naturally, has the duty to send a wise and kind person who knows the address and the paths to help the guests and lea them to the house. Otherwise, the invitation would be meaningless.

God has created all of the world for human beings to use and has invited all of us to eternal salvation. As we do not know the path, we are likely to make mistakes in choosing the right way and we may face demons, satanic temptations and darknesses such as Shirk (polytheism), ignorance and deviation.

Hence, if God, the Almighty, did not send a leader like prophets with lights such as miracles and a roadmap like the Quran to guide us, His invitations would not be meaningful and the purpose of creation would not be fulfilled. If there is no leader, we will lose the path and the goal.

2- When you get sick, you go to the doctor and if your car requires repair, you go to a mechanic. The reason is clear: A doctor is more knowledgeable about the body and a mechanic about your car than you.

In choosing the path, we need to accept what God tells us because He has created us and knows us more than ourselves and is also kind: “Do they want judgments that are issued out of ignorance? Who is a better judge for the people whose belief is based on certainty, than God?” (Surah Al-Ma’idah, Verse 50)

God says in verse 14 of Surah Al-Mulk: “Does the One Who is Subtle, All-aware, and Who created all things not know all about them?”

3- Man has to choose a path in his life and it is important how he will do it:

A: He may choose a path based on his own understanding and desires.

B: He may chose others’ path.  

C: He may choose a path that prophets of God show on His behalf.

A quick reflection tells us that the third way is the best because experience shows us that we have made many mistakes in life. We have chosen paths and then have regretted it many times. So the first way is not desirable.

The second one is not worth considering, either, because other people also have the limitations that we have and are therefore very likely to make mistakes.

The only way is that presented to us by the infallible prophets who have received it from God via revelation.



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