Hebrew Translation of 20 Juzes of Quran Completed in Egypt  

9:23 - November 22, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Work on rendering the Holy Quran into the Hebrew language continues in Egypt, with the translation of 20 Juzes (parts) having already completed.

Hebrew translation of Quran


Awqaf Minister Mohamed Mukhtar Gomaa announced the conclusion of the translation of the 20th Juz, El-Balad news website reported.

Speaking at a session of the parliament’s foreign relations committee, he said the aim of the translation is countering deviations and mistakes made by Jewish orientalists in previous renderings of the Holy Book.

He said the Awqaf ministry decided that it was necessary to embark on translating the Quran into Hebrew in order to correct these mistakes.

The session of the committee was held to discuss the role of the Awqaf ministry in promoting moderate approaches at the international level.

Gomaa referred to the ministry’s efforts to promote respect for followers and religious centers of other faiths in Egypt, noting that the ministry has contributed to the restoration of a Jewish and a Christian place of worship.

The Egyptian government has taken various measures in recent years to portray an image of moderation and tolerance from the country.



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