Deepening Religious Beliefs Mission of Islamic Center of Kosovo

13:22 - December 07, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Deepening religious beliefs, promoting Hijab as a symbol of commitment to Islamic identity, and teaching the Quran are among the priorities of the Islamic Center of Kosovo.

Activities of Islamic Center of Kosovo


This is according to Ajimi Sojuyava, a teacher and propagator and head of the center’s women affairs department.

She said that promoting awareness and culture, especially among the youths, has been her main priority since she started working at the center, located in the northern city of Mitrovica.

The city has a noticeably stronger religious atmosphere compared to other cities and this is observable in the younger generation and gradually seen in children and adolescents as well, she stated.

Sojuyava noted that different ethnic and religious groups like Bosnian Muslims and Orthodox Serbs live in the Mitrovica region, and this has led to a positive trend in that each of these groups try to maintain and remain committed to their religious identity.

That is why activities meant to promote Islam have significantly spread in the region’s mosques in recent years, she said.

Referring to the activities of the Islamic center’s women affairs department, she said it organizes courses on Quran recitation as well as religious teachings for women.

It also holds specialized courses on Islamic sciences, seminars on Islamic subjects and religious and national celebrations, she added.

Deepening Religious Beliefs Mission of Islamic Center of Kosovo

One of the seminars recently hosted by the center was titled “Islam, Order of Life”, and it was attended by many women teachers of the region, she said.

Charity work and launching fundraising campaigns to help those in need are also among the activities of the Islamic center, she noted.

Sojuyava highlighted the achievements of the center, saying that many of those studying at the center have been active in other places, with some of them working as teachers of religious sciences.

Also, she said, thousands of individuals have learned the Quran and some of them have memorized the Holy Book by taking the center’s courses, she went on to say.

Kosovo is a multi-faith, multi-ethnic state in the Balkans in Southeast Europe.  Kosovo does not have an official religion. More than nine-tenths of the people are Muslim.




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