Pretoria Hosts South Africa’s Nat’l Quran Contest

15:09 - January 18, 2023
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The 13th edition of the national Quran competition of South Africa was held in Pretoria.

Pretoria Hosts South Africa’s Nat’l Quran Contest


The South African National Quran Council (SANQC) organized the event, which was attended by Quran memorizers from across the country.

The competition was held at the Nour Mosque of Pretoria, according to Al-Madinah website.

The imam and preacher of the Mecca Grand Mosque, Maher bin Hamad bin Muhammad bin al-Mu’aiqly al-Balawi, attended the closing ceremony, in which the top winners were awarded.

Addressing the ceremony, al-Balawi hailed the competition and said such events help to encourage young boys and girls to read and memorize the Holy Book.   

The SANQC is an Islamic organization in South Africa, established with the sole objective of serving the Noble Quran.

“In our endeavor to achieve this objective, our flagship project is the annual South African National Quran Memorization Competition. Through the competition we seek to encourage the South African Muslim Community to memorize the Noble Quran, excel in its correct recitation and promote the study of advanced Quranic Sciences,” according to the website of the council.



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