Al-Azhar Quran Contest: Nearly 60,000 People Make It to Next Stage

18:01 - January 20, 2023
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The results of the preliminary stage of a nationwide Quran competition run by Al-Azhar Islamic Center have been announced.


According to the announcement, 59,495 individuals have made it to the next stage of the event which is set to start on February 25, Almasryalyoum reported. 

The Quran competition is named after the Sheikh of Al-Azhar Islamic Center. Some 180,000 contenders participated in the preliminary stage which was held virtually.

Those who score at least 80 points out of 100 will make it to the next round, namely the regional stage.

The top contenders will then compete in the final round, scheduled to be held in the capital Cairo.

The competition is annually organized by Al-Azhar’s Quranic Affairs Department for the students of Al-Azhar and its affiliate Quran memorization centers.

Egypt is a country in North Africa with a population of around 100 million. Muslims account for around 90 percent of the country’s total population.

Quranic activities are very common in the Muslim-majority Arab country.



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