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What Quran Says about Crucifixion of Jesus  

12:31 - July 12, 2023
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Jesus (AS) is a special character in the Quran and is described as one who was born pure and died pure and is with God until he reappears at the end of time to save humanity.

Prophet Jesus


Jesus (AS) is a special prophet of God who has a book and brought a religion. He is a pure, righteous, and respected figure who is among those very close to God.

His mother, Mary (SA) conceived her at the order of God without having gotten married. After his birth, she took him to Egypt. Jesus (AS) lived there secretly for 12 years and then went to the Levant to live in a city named Nazareth.

Jesus (AS) was appointed to prophethood at the age of 30. His mission was to spread Christianity and invite people to God, peace, friendship and fraternity. That is why Jews began to oppose him and even tried to kill him but God saved him via Angel Gabriel.

There are different views about the fate of Jesus (AS).According to historical accounts, he was either killed or taken to heavens by God.

After Jesus (AS) invited people to the religion of God, senior Jewish figures and rabbis began opposing him and plotted to arrest him. They managed to capture him with the help of one of his companions and after a trial crucified him until he died.

There are different accounts about this event. History books and religious books of Jews and Christians each have their own account of what happened.

Jews believe that Jesus was arrested, tried and tortured and died under torture.

According to Christians, he was arrested and tortured to death but returned to life after three days and ascended to heavens.

But according to the Quran, the person who was arrested was someone who looked like Jesus. That is to say, another person was mistakenly tried, tortured and killed.  

After learning about the Jews’ plot, Jesus (AS) went to heavens at the order of God. “And their statement that they murdered Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of God, when, in fact, they could not have murdered him or crucified him. They, in fact, murdered someone else by mistake. Even those who disputed (the question of whether or not Jesus was murdered) did not have a shred of evidence. All that they knew about it was mere conjecture. They certainly could not have murdered Jesus.” (Verse 157 of Surah An-Nisa)