Quran Desecration Hinders Dialogue

12:48 - August 03, 2023
News ID: 3484620
VATICAN (IQNA) – Pope Francis described incidents of Quran burning in Sweden and Denmark as barbaric and said such acts of sacrilege impede dialogue among people.

Pope Francis and Abdul Karim Paz


The leader of the Catholic Church made the remark in response to a letter from Argentine Shia scholar and preacher Abdul Karim Paz.

Pope thanked the Muslim scholar for his letter and said burning the Quran is a barbaric act.

“Such measures harm human and mature dialogue among people and hinder such dialogue,” he added.

In a letter to Pope last week, Paz had criticized the recurring acts of sacrilege targeting the Quran and other Islamic sanctities.

He said in the letter that such moves undermine the unity among Abrahamic faiths.

Last month, Pope Francis condemned the burning of Islam’s holy book in Sweden.

“Any book considered sacred by its authors must be respected out of respect for its believers,” the pope said in an interview with United Arab Emirates newspaper al-Ittihad.

“I feel angry and disgusted at these actions,” he added.