An Ibtihal Recitation by Late Egyptian Master Mohamed Naqshbandi (+Video)

IQNA – Egypt’s Sheikh Mohamed al-Naqshbandi (1920-1976) was the most prominent Ibtihal reciter of his time.

Egyptian Ibtihal reciter Sheikh Mohamed al-Naqshbandi (1920-1976)


His Ibtihal (reciting religious supplications and songs) performances during the holy month of Ramadan still remind Muslims of the beauty of the art of Ibtihal.

He is known as the leader of Muslim world’s Ibtihal reciters.

Sayed Mohamed al-Naqshbandi was born in 1920 in Damira Village in Egypt’s Dakahlia Governorate. His family moved to Tanta when he was ten. There he memorized the Quran and then learned Quran recitation and Ibtihal.  

In 1967, he joined Egypt’s Quran Radio where he recorded a treasury of Ibtihal recitations.

In the 1970s he had a trip to Iran where he performed a beautiful Ibtihal recitation about the event of Ghadir Khumm.

An Ibtihal Recitation by Late Egyptian Master Mohamed Naqshbandi (+Video)

Naqshbandi died on February 14, 1976, at the age of 56.

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The following footage features one of Naqshbandi’s Ibtihal recitations performed in 197 at the Imam Hussein (AS) Mosque in Cairo.