Egypt Quran Radio Celebrates Diamond Anniversary

12:20 - April 24, 2024
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IQNA – A ceremony was held at Egypt’s Quran Radio in Cairo to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the radio station’s foundation.

Some of the top Egyptian qaris whose recitation were aired on Egypt’s Quran radio


It was organized with the theme of “Quran Radio; 60 years of serving the Book of God”, Bawaba al-Ahram daily reported. 

It was an acknowledgement of sixty years of efforts by the radio’s staff and management to serve the Holy Book and promote Islamic teachings.

Known as the oldest Quran radio in the world, it has played an important role in raising public awareness about religious teachings in Egypt.

Its programs have also been popular with millions of Muslims in other countries.

Egypt’s Quran Radio was launched in late March 1964. At first, it broadcast programs 14 hours a day in two parts, from 6 AM to 11 AM and then from 2 PM to 10 PM.

One of the radio station’s main programs was Quran recitations, beginning with those by Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil al-Husari, the top qari of Egypt at the time.

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Later, it also aired Quran recitations by prominent qaris like Sheikh Mustafa Ismail, Sheikh Muhammad Sidiq Minshawi, Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, and Sheikh Mahmoud Ali al-Bina.