Islamophobia Driving Muslim Women to Emigrate from France: Report

13:53 - February 17, 2024
News ID: 3487224
IQNA – A report, based on interviews with 20 Muslim women who have left or plan to leave France, reveals the extent of Islamophobia and discrimination they face in various aspects of life.


The Anadolu Agency report, which also offers recommendations to combat the problem, shows how Muslim women are marginalized and excluded from society because of their religious identity and attire.

According to the report, Muslim women in France, who constitute about 10% of the population, are subjected to "coercive policies" that prevent them from working in the public sector, wearing headscarves in schools and public spaces, and participating in civil society activities.

It also documents the discrimination and lack of social acceptance they encounter in the private sector and the education system.

The report argues that these policies and attitudes violate the rights and dignity of Muslim women, who are often highly educated and skilled, and have a strong desire to contribute to French society.

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It highlights the negative impact of Islamophobia on the well-being and mental health of Muslim women, who are forced to make difficult choices between their faith and their career, or between staying in France and leaving for another country.

The report calls on the French authorities and society to adopt a more inclusive and participatory approach to the Muslim community, and to recognize and punish Islamophobic acts as hate crimes.

It also urges the policymakers to respect the diversity and freedom of expression of Muslim women, and to create more opportunities for them to participate in public life.


Source: Agencies