Winners of Dubai Int’l Quran Contest for Women Awarded

DUBAI (IQNA) – The 7th edition of the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak international Quran competition for women wrapped up in a ceremony in Dubai.
Quran to Always Remain in Muslims’ Hearts, Memorizer Says to Desecraters  
AMMAN (IQNA) – A Jordanian memorizer who won the Dubai international Quran contest for women says the Holy Book will remain in Muslims’ heart despite all acts of sacrilege against it.   
09:11 , 2023 Sep 27
Shuaisha’s Quran Recitation Originated from His Soul  
CAIRO (IQNA) – The Quran recitations of Egyptian master Sheikh Abul Ainain Shuaisha came from the depth of his soul and that is why they touched the hearts of the listeners.
10:55 , 2023 Sep 26
Humbleness, Ikhlas Prominent in Muhammad Sidiq Minshawi’s Recitation
CAIRO (IQNA) – Late Egyptian Quran reciter Muhammad Sidiq Minshawi was an epitome of humbleness, Ikhlas (purity of intention) and Khushu (humility and submission).
10:11 , 2023 Sep 21
Sydney Quran Contest’s Winners Awarded
CANBERRA (IQNA) – A Quran competition organized in Sydney, Australia, concluded in a ceremony where the top winners were awarded.
16:00 , 2023 Sep 19
Sydney Academy Set to Organize Quran Competition Under Slogan of ‘Unity’
CANBERRA (IQNA) – A Quran academy in Sydney is set to hold a Quran competition that will feature a host of qaris from Australia and New Zealand.
15:33 , 2023 Sep 13
Sheikh Mustafa Ismail’s Brilliance in Conveying Quran’s Message with His Recitation
CAIRO (IQNA) – Egyptian qari Sheikh Mustafa Ismail was a genius whose recitation affected the hearts of listeners.
14:59 , 2023 Sep 17
Quran Schools’ Popularity Growing in Algeria
ALGIERS (IQNA) – The achievements of those attending Quran schools in Algeria have made parents interested in sending their children to these schools.
14:38 , 2023 Sep 17
7th Int’l Quran Contest for Women Begins in Dubai
DUBAI (IQNA) – The 7th edition of the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak international Quran competition for women was launched in Dubai, the UAE, on Saturday.
16:22 , 2023 Sep 16
Hundreds of Quran Memorizers Honored in Egypt’s Faiyum Governorate
CAIRO (IQNA) – A ceremony was held in the city of Itsa, Egypt’s Faiyum Governorate, to honor 989 memorizers of the Holy Quran.
11:26 , 2023 Sep 16
Video of Moroccan Children Reciting Quran Goes Viral
RABAT (IQNA) – A video clip featuring recitation of the Quran by children in an area in Morocco hit by the recent devastating earthquake has gone viral in social media.
11:09 , 2023 Sep 14
Arbaeen Pilgrims Write Down Quran to Respond to Desecrations
KARBALA (IQNA) – In a campaign to honor the Holy Quran, dozens of Arbaeen pilgrims wrote down the holy book last week. 
10:51 , 2023 Sep 11
Iranian Qari Wins First Prize in Indonesia Quran Recitation Contest
JAKARTA (IQNA) – An Iranian qari has achieved the first rank in an international Quran recitation competition that was held in Indonesia's South Kalimantan Province.
16:15 , 2023 Sep 08