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How Canada’s flourishing far-right movement is fuelling violent Islamophobia

IQNA – Beneath the radar, Trudeau’s progressive country has turned into a far-right haven – it is ranked worst in the G7 for murders of Muslims
UN Warns of Catastrophic Food Insecurity, Famine in Gaza amid Israeli War
IQNA – People in the Gaza Strip are experiencing catastrophic levels of food insecurity, the United Nations warned.
08:55 , 2024 Feb 28
Bulgaria’s Oldest Functioning Mosque in Good Condition after Repairs
IQNA – The oldest functioning mosque in Bulgaria is believed to have been built five centuries ago.
20:35 , 2024 Feb 29
Islamophobia in UK: Most Tory MPs View Islam A Threat to British Way of Life
IQNA – Results of a new poll in the UK shows that most of the members of the Conservative Party consider Islam a threat to the British way of life.
10:44 , 2024 Feb 29
Poland Gifted 3,700 Copies of Quran
IQNA – The Mufti of Poland received 3,700 copies of the Holy Quran gifted to the European country by Saudi Arabia.  
13:48 , 2024 Feb 28
Tory MP Apologizes for Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zones Comment
IQNA – Amid growing concerns about Islamophobia in the UK, a Conservative lawmaker apologized after claiming that Muslim “no-go” zones exist in major British cities.
12:15 , 2024 Feb 28
Egyptian FM Underlines Unacceptability of Quran Desecration
IQNA – Egypt’s foreign minister criticized the growing trend of Islamophobia in the world and stressed that desecration of Islam’s Holy Book is totally unacceptable.
11:33 , 2024 Feb 28
London: Muslim Women Hit by Car Urge Police to Probe Hate Crime
IQNA – Two Muslim women who were run over by a car in east London are demanding justice and calling for the incident to be investigated as a hate crime.
09:50 , 2024 Feb 27
Man Sentenced to Jail in Russia for Desecrating Quran
IQNA – A young man received a 3.5-year jail term in Russia for desecrating a copy of the Holy Quran.
08:25 , 2024 Feb 28
Australia: Victorian Muslims Snub Premier’s Iftar over Gaza Stance
IQNA – The Victorian premier’s annual Iftar dinner, scheduled for next month, faces a boycott from more than 70 Muslim and Islamic groups who are unhappy with the Labor Party’s response to the Israeli war on Gaza.
18:11 , 2024 Feb 27
Int’l Humanitarian Law under Threat with Israeli Killing of Gaza Civilians: UN Chief
IQNA – The secretary general of the United Nations deplored the Israeli regime’s killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip, saying it threatens international humanitarian law.
13:18 , 2024 Feb 27
‘Muslim Lobby Day’ Meeting Held in Maryland’s Annapolis  
IQNA – Muslim Americans held a meeting in Annapolis, US state of Maryland, Monday night to discuss sharing with lawmakers what they want to see.
12:54 , 2024 Feb 27
Daud Kim, K-Pop Star and Muslim Convert, Visits Iran for Quranic Show
IQNA – Daud Kim, a famous South Korean pop singer and YouTuber, has travelled to Iran to participate in a Quranic show that will air during the holy month of Ramadan.
17:02 , 2024 Feb 26