22:34 - July 04, 2014
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For those who want to read Quran but cannot read it, there is a solution.

A new digital technology in now available in the market that allows one to read the Holy Quran in 12 different languages and has been launched in Indian Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district that has a sizeable Muslim population.
The technology comes in a portable digital Quran kit and comprises an e-pen and earphones. It is particularly a boon for the young generation that does not know how to read and write in Arabic.
In the electronic Quran, the user can read any page and any verse by simply touching the pen on the desired verse of the colour-coded Quran. The pen can translate the verses in over a dozen languages including Hindi, English, Urdu, Marathi, Tamil and others.
Asif Raza, a shopkeeper in Bareilly who has stocked up the kit, says that the user can move forward and back through the Quran and repeat the sequence as desired and bookmark pages too.
“This is a boon for those who want to read the Holy Quran but do not know the language. Young Muslim boys and girls are queuing up to purchase the kit and I have already doubled my orders,” he says.
Taufeeq, a young Army officer, said that he always wanted to read the Quran but did not know Arabic. “I purchased the kit last week and I now spend all my free time reading and understanding the Quran. I am well versed in Marathi and can read the holy book in English, Hindi and Marathi and understand it better,” he says.
According to sources, some local schools have also evinced keen interest in the kit and want to include it for the moral science classes.
“We would like the children to learn about all religious scriptures in their moral science classes. Our teachers have been teaching them from the Bible, Ramayana, Guru Granth Sahib but the Holy Quran could not be included because the teachers were not familiar with the language. With this digital kit, we will finally include the Holy Quran in the curriculum,” says a teacher in a local school.

Source: The Asian Age

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