11:53 - September 15, 2012
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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brands Muslims protesting against a sacrilegious anti-Islam film recently made in the United States as a "mob."
Clinton made the remarks on Friday during a mourning ceremony held for US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other US citizens, who were killed when Libyan protesters torched the US Consulate in Benghazi.
“The people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Tunisia did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob,” she said at the Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington.
“We will wipe away our tears, stiffen our spines and face the future undaunted,” Clinton added.
Speaking at the ceremony, US President Barack Obama vowed to “bring to justice those who took them from us.”
He added, “The United States of America will never retreat from the world."
Demonstrations over the anti-Islam film have been held across the Muslim world, with protesters storming the US embassies and torching the US flags.
Demonstrators in Iran, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kashmir, Pakistan, Iraq, Gaza, Morocco, Syria, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, and some other Muslim countries states poured into the streets after Friday prayers to defend their faith and condemn the movie that insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Source: Press TV
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