8:36 - March 15, 2016
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Quranic center named “Al-Zahra (SA)” was opened in Al-Deir village of Basra Governorate of Iraq.

According to Qaf news agency, a Quranic ceremony was organized by the Quran Activists Association of Basra at the Grand Mosque of the region on the occasion of opening of the new center.

Heidar Muhsen Al-Asali, recited some verses of Quran at the beginning of the program which was continued with speeches presented by Ali Radhi Shahed, who was selected as the director of the center, and Sheikh Abu Ali Al-Mansouri, Iraqi Quran teacher and memorizer of the entire Quran.

Sheikh Adnan Al-Salehi, head of the association, was another speaker of the ceremony and Ammar Salem Al-Helli, Ahmad Jasem Al-Halafi, Hasanain Al-Jazaeri and Hussein Al-Hasani, Iraqi Qaris, recited some Quranic verses in the session.

The Quran reciters, the Quran Activists Association of Basra and Quranic institutes affiliated to the association were honored at the end of the program.

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