16:29 - October 08, 2019
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A seminar on Quranic teachings was organized at Ghalib Academy in New Delhi, India, with the participation of Indian scholars and intellectuals.



The Zakat Foundation of India held the program on October 7. It started with Quran recitation by Adil Jamal Nadawi.

It was addressed by Seyyed Dhafar Mahmoud, head of the foundation, Kalim Sedighi, Indian prominent cleric, Professor Abdulhaq, MS Shaki and Momtaz Najmi, a member of the foundation.

The speakers stressed the necessity for acting upon the Holy Quran’s teachings in every one’s life and said that the Quran provides solution for all problems.

It was also stressed at the program that Muslims can resolve different crises and find the right path by following the Quranic teachings.

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