17:13 - March 07, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – As the so-called “Promised-Land” becomes progressively mired in an accumulation of complex socio-economic crises and less than one month before the Israeli parliamentary election, Israel’s perpetual crisis of “reverse immigration” comes to the surface again.


Yuval Diskin, the former director of the Israeli internal security service (Shabak), has recently made an interesting interview with the Hebrew-daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot regarding the growing number of Jewish settlers who seek to leave Israel.

Diskin warned about an imminent social collapse and pointed to the fact that just in a period of forty years, the Haredi [eastern Jews] and Arabs will compose half of the Israeli population. The two ethnic groups, contrary to the Ashkenazi Jews, share many common social and cultural characteristics. Diskin predicted that in the near future, Arabs and Haridis will wield a powerful political influence and reshape the hierarchy of power within the Israeli government.

Mr Diskin’s gloomy comments echo fears from the Israeli political and security establishments that the collective psychological insecurity on the part of the Zionist settlers, will worsen Israel’s image as a hostile place to live for the ordinary Israelis.

Meanwhile, the statistics released by the Israeli Central Bank show that the Zionist entity witnessed a record-low GDP rate of -5.9% in 2020 which made hundreds of thousands of Jewish immigrants to leave Occupied Palestine, mostly due to the extremely unsatisfactory financial condition, and set out on a long journey all the way back to their native countries.

Back in 2017, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz conducted a study showing that the number of Jews, (mostly from Eastern Europe), who left Israel permanently exceeds twice the number of those who arrived in Occupied Palestine. Also, according to a study published by the Gulf News, “Twenty-even percent of Israeli Jews would leave the country if given the opportunity”. The study also showed that “those who wish to leave Israel are young adults between the age of 23 and 29 years, the middle class of the society who are highly qualified”.

It would be remiss to forget that today Israel is facing an intellectual crisis as well. The three main founding narratives of the so-called national idea of Israeliness were over: the mass immigration to Palestine [aliyah]; the security of the land; and the colonialization of the land, thus no logical motivation remained to galvanize a national sense of citizenship in Israel.

Looking longer-term, the beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would have to find an urgent solution to the “reverse immigration” ever-deepening crisis if he wanted to prevent the Zionist regime from a painful social haemorrhage.



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