Iranian Academics Quranic Organization, ICRO to Develop Cooperation 

10:40 - March 17, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Head of the Iranian Academics Quranic Organization (IAQO) said it plans to expand cooperation with the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) in various Quranic, religious and cultural fields. 


Speaking to IQNA, Mohammad Hossein Hassan said the two organizations have cooperation in holding programs such as the International Quran Competition for Muslim Students.

Recently, IAQO in cooperation with ICRO and Iranian cultural centers abroad organized a number of online Quranic and religious exhibitions, he noted.

They included an expo titled “A Window to Iran” held in Indonesia and another titled “Quranic Arts” in Italy on the auspicious occasion of Imam Ali (AS) birth anniversary, Hassani added.

He said the Iranian Academics Quranic Organization is also taking part in the “Islam and Humanity” exhibition underway in Kazakhstan and has sent works of art by Iranian artists to the expo.

Tolerance, unity, dialogue, peace, and honesty are the main themes of the exhibition in the Central Asian country.

IAQO’s cooperation with ICRO will continue and will include organizing arts programs featuring “world peace in monotheistic faiths”, the official stressed.

The organization also plans to hold programs to promote the works of Quranic artists and highlight the importance of women’s role in Islam and human rights in Islam, he went on to say.





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