Eid Al-Ghadir Celebrated in Saudi Arabia

16:33 - July 30, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Shia citizens in the eastern parts of Saudi Arabia organized ceremonies on the occasion of Eid Al-Ghadir.


According to, the people in Qatif and its neighboring regions decorated streets and Husseiniyahs of the regions and held ceremonies to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

Similar programs were also held by Shia Muslims in the southern part of the country.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Yusuf, a cleric of Qatif who addressed one of the programs in the Shia city, stressed that the Hadith of Ghadir is one of the most authentic Mutawatir (reported numerously by different narrators) Hadiths which cannot be denied.

He added that the Hadiths quoted from the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are the obvious evidence for Imam Ali’s (AS) competence to be the Imam and successor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The Hadiths clarify Imam Ali’s (AS) virtues such as infallibility, knowledge and perfection, he added.

The event of Ghadir, or Eid al-Ghadir, is celebrated by Shia Muslims around the world every year. It is among important feasts and happy holidays of Shia Muslims held on the 18th day of Dhul Hijja in the lunar Hijri calendar.

It was the day when according to reports, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) appointed Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) as his caliph and the Imam after himself following an order from God.




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