Book Published in Germany to Fight Islamophobia

11:53 - November 04, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A book entitled “Islamophobia: Deal With It in the Name of Peace” has been published in Germany in English to provide information for kids on different aspects of Islamophobia.

Islamophobia: Deal With It in the Name of Peace


Discussions over religious beliefs, especially those of Muslims, have turned into an important issue in European countries. Stereotypes and misinformation are abundant in media and social media, especially against Islam and this has created an air of fear and mistrust among kids.

Far-rights groups in Europe even try to influence kids and teenagers and hence use every tool that they find. Muslims, in the face of these threats, are striving for showing the young generation how much Islamophobia can create division in the green continent.

“When kids encounter conflict based on intolerance, inequity, and ignorance, they need the understanding and the tools to deal with the situation. Whether the reader is Muslim or not, this title provides information, relatable situations, and opportunities for kids to explore both the assumptions and biases of others and their own,” reads part of the description of the book in Amazon.

Safia Saleh is among the authors that have tried to provide offer kids and their families a collection of information about Islamophobia in the European community.

The book has been published in Germany in 2021 and points to the consequences that Islamophobia can have on the future of kids.

The book has been written in 32 pages and its main audience is children between 10-14 years old. Further details are accessible here.


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