Yemenis Rap US Complicity in Saudi-Led War

16:27 - November 22, 2021
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Major cities across Yemen were the scenes of rallies held Monday to condemn the US complicity in the protracted Saudi-led aggression on the impoverished country.

Anti-US rally in Yemen


In the biggest rally, thousands of people poured into the streets in the central city of Sa’ada on Monday, carrying Yemeni flag and chanting vociferous anti-American and anti-Saudi slogans.

The massive protest was held under the slogan ‘The US is Behind Military and Economic Conflict and Continuation of War and Siege of Yemen’.

Yahya Omran, the acting provincial governor, issued a statement during the rally, saying all US governments have sought to exploit Yemen in line with their own sinister interests.

He slammed Washington for being the main contributor to Riyadh’s aggression, including bombing hospitals, schools, and homes in the country.

Omran said the US and its ally, Israel, are doomed to fail in their support for the foreign-imposed war, which has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead, and displaced millions more.

The organizers of the protest said in a statement that Washington was misleading the world about its stance toward Yemen.

It said that the administration of President Joe Biden continues to provide Riyadh and its regional allies with military and political support, enabling them in continuing their aggression and horrendous crimes against the people of Yemen.

Earlier this year, Biden announced he was ending the US support for the war in Yemen, including "relevant arms sales," touting the move as part of efforts to restore an emphasis on human rights.

“This war has to end,” Biden said back in February.

Peace advocates, who had hailed him move back then, are dismayed at his administration for breaking the promise of ending support for the Saudi war in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia, backed by the US and regional allies, launched the war on Yemen in March 2015, with the goal of reinstalling the regime of Yemen’s former president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and dislodging the Ansarullah movement.

The war has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead, and displaced millions more. It has also destroyed Yemen’s infrastructure and spread famine and infectious diseases in the country.

Despite Saudi Arabia’s relentless bombardment of the impoverished country, Yemeni armed forces and the popular committees have grown in strength and left Riyadh and its allies bogged down in the country.


Source: Press TV

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