10:09 - January 09, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Sari Azzam is a five-year-old Syrian girl who falls within the autistic spectrum, yet bestowed spectacular talents as she has memorized the entire Quran and learned several languages so far.


She was diagnosed with autism when she was two but experts in Syria believe her to be a genius.

She managed to write down her first words at two and now at five, she spends hours on a daily basis learning different languages such as English, French, Korean, Japanese, Greek, and Spanish among others, according to a report by the Arabic edition of Sputnik.

It took her around two years to commit the entire Quran to the memory. Sari is also able to solve complex mathematical equations.

Majd Al-Alousi, a specialist in autism and Down syndrome, says autism has given a special gift to Sari as she can perform tasks older than his age, such as learning languages. However, maintained the doctor, the girl needs constant support for developing communication skills as she strives for gaining more knowledge.

Alousi named “fast and accurate visual memory” as one of the many talents of Sari, noting that she can retrieve what she sees in the long term. After conducting several medical tests, specialists have concluded that her condition is rare, added the doctor.

Like many other Syrian families, this family has also been affected by long years of war and displacement and is unable to provide their talented girl with more than a pen and a tablet to quench his thirst for knowledge.



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