Egypt Set to Build Digital Maps of 100,000 Mosques

18:38 - January 20, 2022
News ID: 3477456
TEHRAN (IQNA) – Egypt's Ministry of Awqaf is seeking to produce digital maps of 100,000 mosques from across the country.

Egypt Set to Build Digital Maps of 100,000 Mosques


The ministry signed an agreement with the country's mapping organization to collect the geographical locations of mosques and affiliated places on a digital platform, according to 

Minister Muhammad Mukhtar Gomaa said that each mosque in the country will be loaded separately on this digital map.

This will facilitate people's access to mosques as all the characteristics of the mosques can be seen while searching, he added.

The mapping organization has been tasked with building a digital version of the maps.

On the other hand, Gomaa continued, this will help document mosques' information and control any incident inside the mosques.

This will also lead to a more efficient use of public properties, noted the minister.