Quranic Webinar Held in Jakarta

10:06 - January 25, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – An online Quranic seminar was organized the Jakarta branch of the Quran Propagation Center affiliated to the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine.

Quranci webinar in Jakarta


Scholars and experts of the branch, including prominent Indonesian interpreter of the Quran Professor Muhammad Quraish Shihab, addressed the webinar, the website of the Astan reported.

According to Sheikh Abdullah Beik, head of the branch, it was held to enhance the Quranic knowledge of the teachers, especially in the field of Tafseer (Quran interpretation).

In his address, Professor Shihab underscored the need for memorizing the Holy Quran and how it helps in Tafseer.

He also cited verse 17 of Surah al-Qamar “We have made the Quran easy to understand, but is there anyone who would pay attention?”, and said learning, memorizing and understanding the verses of the Quran are easy for those who want to learn them and take lessons from them.

He further stressed the importance of thematic memorization of the Quran and paying more attention to learning those verses whose teachings are required in our everyday life.

Born in 1944, Muhammad Quraish Shihab is an Arab Indonesian Muslim scholar in the field of Quranic sciences.

He is an author, an academic scholar, and former Minister of Religious Affairs in the Fourth Development Cabinet (1998).  

He is currently the director of the Jakarta Islamic Studies Center.


Quranic Webinar Held in Jakarta

Quranic Webinar Held in Jakarta

Quranic Webinar Held in Jakarta