Islamic FinTech Congress Set to be Held in Istanbul

16:23 - January 25, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The third edition of Global Islamic FinTech Summit is set to be held this March in Turkey’s Istanbul.


Elmangos Ventures (EV), an Islamic digital Economy enabler and business events organizer, announced its plans to hold the third Global Islamic Fintech Summit (GIFS) 2022. The event is to be organized in association with the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) and in collaboration with IsDB Group Business Forum “THIQAH”. Furthermore, GIFS is supported by the Association of Islamic Banks of Turkey (TKBB).

The event is set to take place in Istanbul, Turkey in March 2022. Moreover, it is set to address the scope and resourcefulness of Islamic Fintech, along with convening the ecosystem stakeholders in one assembly point.

The platform will be the first in Turkey to call forth everything interrelated to the Islamic Fintech sector, facilitate discussion, and fashion ground-breaking ideas, solutions, and businesses to deliver world-class Islamic financial products and services.

Spanning over a period of two days, GIFS will feature a wide variety of programs, including business exchange, customized panels, and private B2B matching, all under the theme of Islamic Fintech Positioning in the Digital Era.

The event is anticipated to be attended by several industries from prevailing bodies, as well as leading corporations, financial institutions, academics, regulators, and government representatives. In addition, GIFS should attract attendance by data and Fintech solutions providers, while focusing on advancement and comprehending that technology remains a key to the future.

Founder & Director of EV, Mr Abd Elmohaimen Mansi stated: “We see Turkey as an excellent venue to host GIFS this year. This will be the first physical event we host since the pandemic started. We aim to create a solid networking platform for all relevant parties to engage on, to share ideas, and provide a platform for newcomers to showcase their products and solutions while exploring the Turkish financial sector and its potential.”

ICD, the multilateral development financial institution, is keen on collaborating with the organizer to create a first-of-its-kind “Regional FinTech Market Entry Report (FMER) 2021”. with a focus on four locations, namely Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania, to be released during GIFS. In addition, ICD will host a special FinTech CEOs roundtable to assist FinTech companies in expanding operations into new member countries.

Chief Executive Officer of ICD, Mr Ayman Amin Sejiny stated: “ICD is pleased to participate actively in GIFS and bring digitalization to this level of importance.  We have developed the “Bridge Platform” and “the FinLit Platform”, in addition to other digital initiatives aiming to speed up and increase the fintech-based financial services offered to communities in our member countries.  These efforts will contribute to the realization of Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals for both: individuals, as well as SMEs. ”

Acting Secretary-General of TKBB, Mr Ismail Vural stated: “Digitalization has reshaped production methods, consumption habits, ways of doing business, and social life by affecting every stage of life in the world we live in. The participation banking ecosystem, which continuously includes delivering better service to its customers, offers mobile applications and other digitalized instruments. TKBB always aims to be at the forefront of innovations, and we maintain our work in parallel with this goal. In this context, we published the Participation Banking Digital Research Report intending to develop a roadmap for the sector for the “Digital” pillar, which is one of the 6 strategic targets in our updated Strategy Document. Our aim here will be to increase digital literacy and develop digital capabilities and competencies. Finally, we are very pleased to meet with our stakeholders at such local and international events. We believe that the GIFS (Global Islamic Fintech Summit) summit in Istanbul in March 2022, where we are a partner, will significantly contribute to the interaction of Fintech and Participation Finance fields, which are prominent at the launch of Istanbul Finance Centre. “


Source: Business.MarketingAsia