Prominent Qari Highlights Importance of Iran Int’l Quran Contest  

11:40 - March 05, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – An internationally-acclaimed Iranian qari underlined the significance of Iran’s international Quran competition in foiling onslaughts against the country.

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Abbas Emamjome said there are many onslaughts against Shia Muslims and especially the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding Quranic activities.

He said the enemies, including the Wahhabis, spread the false idea that Shias do not pay attention to the Quran or that their Quran is different from that of other Muslims.

When Iran hosts a Quranic event like the international Quran competition, such attacks are thwarted and such false statements are disproved, he stated.

Emamjome said the Islamic Republic of Iran has made great progress in the Muslim world in terms of Quranic activities.

When top Quran masters and Quran memorizers and reciters come to Iran for the competition, they see it for themselves, he added.

The final stage of the 38th international Quran competition of Iran, which kicked off on Monday, will wrap up in a ceremony on Saturday evening, in which winners will be announced and awarded.

A total of 62 qaris and memorizers from 29 countries have competed in this stage of the event, which is being held virtually.