VIDEO: Quran Recitation by Egyptian Qari Who Won Tanzania Contest

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Mohamed Ibraheem Ahmed Ghanim is a teenager from Egypt who won the 22nd international Quran competition in Tanzania.

Teenage qari from Egypt


Mohamed came first in the competition’s category of Quran recitation, El-Balad News reported.

The teenager is very happy for the achievement and thankful to God for granting him one of his wishes.

Being a good reciter of the Quran, he is a memorizer of the Holy Book as well.

Mohamed, who is from Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate of Egypt, started learning the Quran by heart at the age of 8 and managed to memorize the entire Holy Book at 14.

Since early childhood, he has listened enthusiastically to recitations by Quran masters Sheikh Mohammad Raf’at and Sheikh Mustafa Ismail, and wants to become a good successor for them.

Mohamed currently studies Quran recitation sciences at Al-Azhar Islamic University.