Qari Suspended from Egypt Quran Radio over Mistake in Recitation

15:32 - May 09, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – The activity of a qari in Egypt’s Quran Radio was suspended after he made a mistake in recitation of the Quran last week.

Muhammad Ali Taruti


In his recitation on Friday morning, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Taruti made a mistake in reading a word in verse 31 of Surah Yusuf, which changed the meaning, reported.

He has apologized for the mistake and said he is ready for any decision about it by the country’s TVs and Radios Union and the Association of Quran Reciters.

Mohammad Nawar, the president of the Quran Radio, said in an interview with En-Nahar TV that Taruti has been suspended temporarily.

He said the qari’s recitations will be reviewed and examined by the Reciters Committee of the radio to decide about the issue.

Nawar also said a committee is going to be set up at the Quran Radio to review the membership of qaris based on the quality of their recitations.

The committee will also work to identify Quranic talents in different governorates of the country, he went on to say.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Taruti joined Egypt’s Quran Radio as a qari in 2011.

Egypt is a country in North Africa with a population of around 100 million.

Muslims account for around 90 percent of the country’s total population.

Quranic activities are very common in the Muslim-majority Arab country and many of the Muslim world’s top qaris in the past and present have been Egyptian.  



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