15:45 - May 19, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – An Egyptian university student who has handwritten the entire Quran in 4.5 months was honored in a ceremony.

Egyptian Student Finishes Calligraphy of Entire Quran in Less than 5 Months


Hajar Abdul Rauf Abdul Halim is a student of Al-Azhar Islamic University, according to website.

She is the first girl to complete calligraphing the entire Quran.

It was her aspiration since she made anther Quranic accomplishment, namely learning the whole Quran by heart.

Hajar managed to calligraphy the Quran in Othmani script in just four and a half months with her father’s encouragement.  

She said it was aimed at pleasing God and serving as an example for girls and women in the society.

Hajar, who also recites the Quran with a beautiful voice, says she wants to publish the art work after receiving a permit from Al-Azhar Islamic Studies Assembly.  

She is going to meet with Al-Azhar chief Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayyeb in the near future to get the permit.




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