Role of Remembering Allah in Life

9:21 - August 13, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Man is inherently eager to seek relations with God as he enjoys the taste of talking to Him. However, individuals sometimes need a reminder as they tend to forget Him.


This remembrance has been stressed in a concept named Dhikr which has different levels. 

Dhikr is one of the approaches that leads to strengthening one’s faith and accelerating one’s journey toward God. Dhikr means remembrance and is the opposite of negligence. The Holy Quran describes Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as one who reminds people of God. “Therefore remind, you are only a Reminder. You are not charged to oversee them.” (Surah Al-Ghashiyah, verses 22-23)

Man is inherently eager to be in contact with God; this is why one enjoys talking to him. However, we sometimes need a reminder. There are two immediate levels of Dhikr.

One is saying the names of God and thanking for His mercies by tongue through prayers and duas.

This level influences one’s behavior and puts one on the path of God, strengthening his faith.

The other level is remembering God by heart.

As the tongue is a manifestation of what goes on in one’s heart, there is a close relation and influence between the two.

One who pays no attention to God will never have his thirst for material demands satisfied because he is inherently seeking God and perfection. Therefore, this person does not experience inner peace.

He always regrets what he does not possess or is in fear of losing what he has gained. This person will suffer sadness and concern in the face of problems and defeats and believes life to be hard and painful.

On the other hand, one who considers Allah as the only shelter and knows that He has authority over all the creation will not be lured by the temporary pleasures of this world. He is aware he should use what he has for spiritual progress. This person will not set this world as his ultimate aim; so he is not afraid of losing anything nor does he become sad in the face of losses.