Recitation of Surah Yunus by Iranian Qari

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iranian qari Yousef Ghanbari recited some verse of Surah Yunus in a session of the country’s Supreme Quran Council.

Here is the translation of verses 26-32 of the surah:

He (Joseph) said: 'It was she who sought to seduce me, ' and a witness (an infant) of her people bore witness, saying: 'If his shirt is torn from the front, she is speaking the truth and he is one of the liars, (26)

but, if his shirt is torn from behind, she lied, and he is of the truthful. ' (27)

And when he saw his shirt torn at the back, he said: 'This is one of your (women's) guiles. Your guile, (O woman), is great indeed! (28)

Joseph, turn away from this. And you, ask forgiveness for your sin. You are indeed one of the sinners. ' (29)

Certain women in the city said: 'The Governor's wife has sought to seduce her servant. He has made her heart stricken with love for him. Clearly, we perceive her to be in error. ' (30)

When she heard of their sly whispers, she sent for them and prepared a banquet. To each she gave a knife, (then called Joseph saying:) 'Come and attend to them. ' When they saw him, they were so taken with him that they cut their hands, and said: 'Allah save us! This is no mortal, he is no other but a noble angel! ' (31)

Whereupon she said: 'Now you see, this is he on whose account you blamed me. Yes, I sought to seduce him, but he was unyielding. If he declines to do what I command, he shall be imprisoned and be one of the humiliated. ' (32)