Iranian Qari Recites Verses from 75th Surah of Quran (+Video)

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iranian qari Vahid Khazaei recently recited the Quran at a program held by the Iranian Supreme Quran Council.

Vahid Khazaei


In the program, he recited verses 1 to 20 of Surah Al-Qiyama, the 75th chapter of the Holy Book:

“I swear by the Day of Resurrection and by the self accusing soul (that you will certainly be resurrected). Do men think that We shall never be able to assemble their bones? We certainly have the power to restore them even the very tips of their finger. In fact, people want to have eternal life in this world. He asks, "When will be the Day of Judgment?" When the eye is bewildered, the moon eclipsed. and the sun and the moon are brought together, people will say, "Is there anywhere to run away?" Certainly not! There will be no place of refuge. The only place of refuge will be with God. On that day, people will be informed of all that they had done and all that they were supposed to do. In fact, people are well-aware of their own soul even though they make excuses. (Muhammad), do not move your tongue too quickly to recite the Quran. We shall be responsible for its collection and its recitation. When We recite it, follow its recitation (by Us). We shall be responsible for its explanation. Human beings certainly do not want to pay much attention to the Quran. In fact, they love the worldly life.”