Kuwaiti Charity Launches Quran School for Orphans in India

10:06 - August 15, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – A Kuwaiti charity society inaugurated a Quran school for orphans and needy children in India.

Kuwaiti Charity Launches Quran School for Orphans in India


The Society for Serving the Quran and Its Sciences, also known as Huffaz, says the school will provide Quranic education to some 10,000 children, al-Mujtama website reported.

Ahmed al-Murshid, an official with the society, said the school has been established in the town of Harita in India’s northern state of Haryana.

He said it aims to fight illiteracy and provide opportunities for kids to learn the Quran and the Arabic language.     

More than 10,000 kids will benefit from the school’s programs, Murshid said, adding that they will learn the Quran in 200-strong groups.

Quranic schools have a special and important status in society, which is due to the significance of the Book of God, he stated.

Murshid also said that founding Quranic schools is a necessity in Muslim communities because they, along with other schools, play a major role in training and educating kids and saving them from elements that lead them astray.

He also elaborated on the activities of the Huffaz Society, saying it seeks to establish Quranic schools and hold Quranic classes for Muslim communities around the world, especially in those areas that lack the infrastructures and teachers for learning the Quran and the Arabic language.