Recitation of Verses from Surah Al-Baqarah by Ragheb Mustafa Ghalwash (+Video)

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Footage of Quran recitation by late Egyptian qari Ragheb Nustafa Ghalwash that was recorded in the 1990s has recently been shared on social media.

Ragheb Nustafa Ghalwash


In this footage, the renowned qari recites verses 142 and 143 of Surah Al-Baqarah: “The fools among the people will say: ‘What has made them turn away from the direction they were facing?’ Say: ‘The east and the west belong to Allah. He guides whom He will to the Straight Path.’ And so We have made you a median nation, in order that you will be a witness above the people, and that the Messenger be a witness above you. We did not change the direction that you were facing except that We might know who followed the Messenger from him who turned on both his heels. Though it was a hardship except for those whom Allah has guided. But Allah would never waste your faith. Indeed, Allah is Gentle with people, the Most Merciful.”

He recited the verses in a program held at a mosque in Tanta, a city in Egypt that is located between Cairo and Alexandria and is capital of Gharbia Governorate.

Ragheb Mustafa Ghalwash was one of the outstanding Quran reciters of Egypt who was known as the youngest qari of the golden era of recitation and the Plato of Quranic Alhans (rhythms).

Born in July 1938 in the village of Barma in Egypt’s Tanta Governorate, he was raised in a Quranic family.

He went to a Maktab to learn the Quran at an early age and at 8 he became known in the village as a Quran memorizers.

Ghalwash then started learning Quran recitation and at 14 his fame as a reciter spread to nearby towns and cities.

He went on a Quran institute in the city of Tanta to improve his recitation skills.

He had a beautiful voice and soon gained fame all over Egypt, being invited to different cities for reciting the Quran in various ceremonies and programs.

Joining Egypt’s Quran Radio was a turning point in his recitation career. There he recited the Quran along with prominent masters like Mustafa Ismail, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Mahmoud Khalil al-Husari and others. 

His recitations are still played on radio stations and TV channels in the Arab and Muslim world.

The Egyptian qari traveled to many countries for Quran recitation, including Britain, Canada, the US, and France.

He also visited Iran four times between 1989 and 2002 and traveled to different cities.

Ghalwash died on February 4, 2016 at the age of 78 and was laid to rest in his home village.