Palestinian Support in World Cup Shows Normalization ‘Not Durable’: Activist

10:59 - December 10, 2022
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – An activist, who has first-hand experience of witnessing support for Palestine during the 2022 World Cup, says the event shows the so-called normalization with the Israeli regime is “not durable” because “people are against it.”


There has been a great support for the oppressed Palestinian people in Qatar’s streets and stadiums in the past three weeks as it is the first time that a Muslim nation is hosting the World Cup.

With pro-Palestinian sentiments running high, one can clearly see the flags of Palestine being hoisted in the stadiums, especially when a Muslim country is on the pitch, such as Morocco.

The “clear message” of this for the Zionist regime is that the normalization of ties “is not durable because people are against that,” Sarbaz Roohullah Rezvi told IQNA.

Naming Morocco as an example, the activist said although the Moroccan government joined the so-called Abraham Accords, its people demonstrated great support for the Palestinians.

Describing the event as a “full victory for the Palestinian cause”, he said that “not only Arabs and Muslims but so many people from across the world carried the flag of Palestine, sang the songs of Palestinians, and remembered Palestinian martyrs who were brutally killed by the Zionists.”

The Israeli regime should “know that the story of nations is totally different from limited Arab governments,” noted the activist, adding that Zionists who participated in the event “felt the real sentiment” towards occupiers.

The activist has also spoken to a number of fans in Qatar about the Palestinian issue. People openly voice their support for the Palestinian cause in this YouTube video.


Interview by Mohammad Ali Haqshenas

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