‘Quran Day’ Planned in Iraq

13:04 - February 07, 2023
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TEHRAN (IQNA) – Quranic institutions in Iraq are pushing for the country to name a day in the calendar as the Quran Day.

Participants in a meeting of the World Quran Day organizing committee


It is part of the World Quran Day, a campaign initiated by the Astan (custodianship) of Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine in Iraq, is aimed at promoting the teachings of the Quran and contemplating the Holy Book.

According to Noon news agency, the Astan hosted a meeting of the World Quran Day organizing committee on Sunday to discuss preparations for holding programs on the occasion.

Sheikh Hassan al-Mansouri, a Quranic adviser to the Astan, said that the participants at the meeting stressed the need for cooperation among all Quranic bodies for organizing the event optimally.

He added that it was also decided that a proposal be made via the Awqaf Committee in the Iraqi parliament for officially naming a day in the country as the Quran Day.

In March 2020, the Astan declared Eid al- Mabath (the Day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was appointed to deliver His mission) as the World Quran Day.

It also launched a campaign to promote activities marking the World Quran Day, including recitations of the Quran.

Mansouri said at the time that the objectives of declaring a day as the world Quran day include boosting unity in the Muslim Ummah and familiarizing followers of other religions with the Holy Book.

The Divine Book, the Quran, is a source of security and peace for all mankind and invites all to peaceful coexistence and efforts for eliminating extremism and terrorism, he said.

As for the programs held in the campaign, he said they include a competition on Quranic research, as well as activities organized in languages such as English, French, Persian, Urdu and local African languages, in cooperation with institutes in Iraq and abroad to promote the Quran and its message of peace and mercy.



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