UK Muslim NGO Partners with UNRWA to Help Orphans in Gaza

14:47 - August 22, 2023
News ID: 3484886
LONDON (IQNA) – British aid agency Muslim Hands UK will contribute to the UNRWA Orphan Program aimed at helping orphans in the Gaza Strip.

Children in Gaza


More than 900 orphaned girls and boys registered with the UNRWA Orphan Program will receive critical assistance through a new contribution agreement signed with Muslim Hands UK.

This is the third partnership launched with Muslim Hands in 2023, totaling more than US$ 1.2 million (£982,000) in funding for interventions vital to the wellbeing of thousands of refugees living in the Gaza Strip.

Through the “Towards a Decent Standard of Living” project 920 orphaned Palestine Refugee children will receive US$ 700 in cash assistance for the year.

This is the third iteration of this project, which provides relief to orphans living amid rising poverty and hardship.

A second contribution will support more than 5,630 food-insecure refugees with a quarterly food parcel. And the third project being sponsored by Muslim Hands UK will provide more than 190 refugees with temporary job placements totaling about 15,000 hours through the UNRWA Cash for Work program.

Muslim Hands UK is an international aid agency and non-governmental organization founded in 1993 initially to support victims of the Bosnian war.

Since then, the organization has launched offices in 30 countries, responding to countless emergencies and sponsoring education, healthcare and livelihood programs.