gaza strip
IQNA – In the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, a mosque has been vandalized and repurposed as a provision center by Israeli soldiers, as revealed in a video circulated on social media.
News ID: 3488740    Publish Date : 2024/06/14

IQNA – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says the Hajj pilgrimage not only increases the confidence of Muslims, but also is a cause of trepidation for enemies.
News ID: 3488738    Publish Date : 2024/06/14

IQNA – The popularity of the Hamas resistance movement has increased among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the wake of the Gaza war, according to a new poll.
News ID: 3488735    Publish Date : 2024/06/13

IQNA – Pro-Palestine protesters in Dublin urged the Irish government to impose sanctions on the Israeli regime its atrocities in the Gaza Strip.
News ID: 3488733    Publish Date : 2024/06/13

IQNA – A Turkish scholar described the Hajj season as an opportunity for Muslims to cry out against Zionism and imperialism.
News ID: 3488731    Publish Date : 2024/06/13

IQNA – The head of the World Health Organization warned of “catastrophic hunger” in the Gaza Strip amid the Israeli regime’s brutal war and siege on the Palestinian enclave.
News ID: 3488730    Publish Date : 2024/06/13

IQNA – Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, the Al-Aqsa Mosque's preacher, called on the people of Palestine to avoid celebrations on the upcoming Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha in sympathy with the people of Gaza.
News ID: 3488728    Publish Date : 2024/06/12

IQNA – The recognition of the State of Palestine was a natural thing to do for Norway, the Norwegian ambassador to Turkey said.  
News ID: 3488724    Publish Date : 2024/06/12

IQNA – The Canadian government has reportedly reached out to the Israeli regime to address concerns about a coordinated and Islamophobic misinformation campaign that has been targeting Canadian citizens online amid the war on Gaza.
News ID: 3488723    Publish Date : 2024/06/12

IQNA – A Muslim lawyer in the United States has taken legal action, alleging job discrimination based on her social media posts supporting Palestine.
News ID: 3488718    Publish Date : 2024/06/12

IQNA – A court in Bahrain gave prison terms to five individuals for taking part in activities held in solidarity with Gaza.
News ID: 3488717    Publish Date : 2024/06/12

IQNA – Palestinian resistance groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad have announcd their stance on a UN-endorsed ceasefire proposal, presenting their terms to mediators from Qatar and Egypt.
News ID: 3488714    Publish Date : 2024/06/12

IQNA – The Gaza Strip, which has been under a brutal war waged by the Israeli regime, and the occupied Palestinian territories have seen more grave violations committed against children than anywhere else in the world last year.
News ID: 3488713    Publish Date : 2024/06/12

IQNA – The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) denounced the recent Israeli attack on the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, which left 270 people dead and hundreds more injured.
News ID: 3488710    Publish Date : 2024/06/11

IQNA – Four Palestinians were killed and eight others injured by gunfire from Israeli forces near the village of Kafr Ni’ma, west of Ramallah.
News ID: 3488709    Publish Date : 2024/06/11

IQNA – Some 100 Muslim scholars from different countries issued a statement underlining the need for supporting Gaza and the people of Palestine.
News ID: 3488706    Publish Date : 2024/06/11

IQNA – A prominent Iranian professor says this year’s Hajj pilgrimage is an opportunity to express disassociation from the Israeli-American crimes against people of Gaza.
News ID: 3488701    Publish Date : 2024/06/11

IQNA – The Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, has expressed its approval of a resolution adopted by the UN Security Council on ceasefire in Gaza Strip.
News ID: 3488696    Publish Date : 2024/06/11

IQNA – Offering students an optional lesson on the health impacts of the Israeli genocide in Gaza led to the firing of a biology professor at the DePaul University in the US state of Illinois.
News ID: 3488695    Publish Date : 2024/06/11

IQNA – The Israeli regime army has tortured 48 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to death, according to a report.
News ID: 3488694    Publish Date : 2024/06/10