International Quds Day: A Unified Stand for Palestine Amidst Israeli Genocide

8:28 - April 05, 2024
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IQNA – This year's International Quds Day is different from previous years as the world is witnessing the brutal nature of a regime that has killed more than 33,000 people in six months and displaced some 2 million others.

International Quds Day rally in Tehran in 2023


As we enter the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, we prepare to witness the annual International Quds Day march. This tradition, established by the late founder of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini is a show of support for the oppressed people of Palestine and has been a significant concern for the Israeli regime over the years. This year’s International Quds Day holds special significance as it follows the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation and occurs amidst the ongoing Israeli onslaught on Gaza.

The Gaza war, which resulted in the death, disappearance, and injury of over 100,000 Palestinians residing in the Gaza Strip, has further exposed the inhumane nature of this regime to the world.

This year’s International Quds Day could significantly amplify international pressure against the Zionist occupiers amidst the Gaza war and influence the dynamics of the conflict. It appears that the Zionists themselves will be closely observing this year’s protests worldwide, underscoring the event’s heightened importance this year.

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This year’s worldwide protests are a commemoration of the Palestinian nation’s victories and sacrifices in their struggle against the Zionist regime. Despite enduring the most severe inhumane attacks by the occupying regime over the past six months, the nation remains steadfast in its resistance against the occupiers. The enthusiastic participation of people worldwide in this year’s protests serves as a significant morale boost for the Palestinian nation, particularly for the residents of Gaza.

The current events unfolding in occupied Palestine reveal a reality: the Israeli regime has reached an impasse. Their only recourse seems to be the brutal suppression of the original inhabitants of Palestine, who are resisting the occupiers. Any pretext is used to justify violence against Palestinian men, women, children, young and old. We’ve seen hundreds of innocent Muslims fall victim to the ruthless aggression of the Zionists, with daily reports of numerous casualties and injuries.

International Quds Day: A Unified Stand for Palestine Amidst Israeli Genocide

What’s particularly disheartening for Muslims worldwide is the United Nations Security Council’s limited response, which has been confined to verbal condemnation of the regime. The United States, a staunch supporter of Israel, has consistently vetoed any resolutions against it. Meanwhile, heads of some Muslim-majority countries are embroiled in their own conflicts and their support for the oppressed people of Palestine rarely goes beyond hollow slogans. This is happening at a time when we are on the brink of facing even more dangerous challenges in the near future.

If we fail to aid the oppressed people of Palestine today, it may be too late tomorrow. The Israeli regime, backed by powerful forces, is escalating its aggression against the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza. If Muslims delay their response, the Palestinians in occupied Palestine could face a merciless onslaught.

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Today is not the day for Muslims to forget Palestine for any reason. The occupying regime poses a threat not only to Palestine but also to the security, peace, and independence of regional countries. Therefore, it is the religious duty of all Muslims to support the Palestinian people. This support can take various forms, including financial, military, cultural, and political aid, participation in protests, and amplifying the voices of the Palestinian people.

The enthusiastic participation of Muslim nations in this year’s Al-Quds Day ceremony sends a powerful message to those Muslim rulers who had plans to normalize relations with the Israeli regime but have temporarily suspended them. In essence, Muslim nations can send a clear message to those rulers who are willing to compromise human and Islamic principles for their own political survival and the approval of Western powers.